The South African Optometric Association’s website is currently under construction. Watch this space for our new website, which is coming soon.

To ensure that SAOA members will continue to be assisted and supported without compromise by SAOA office bearers and staff , the office may be contacted as follows:

Urgent matters - contact Lucky Nkosi on 074 243 4261 membership@saoa.co.za or Harry Rosen on 084 482 4517 at any time.
Driver Certificates : Naledi on orders@saoa.co.za
Finance: Maserame on accounts1@saoa.co.za or Mildred on finance@saoa.co.za
Medial Scheme queries: Ntombi on ppadmin@saoa.co.za
CPD queries : Ntombi on ppadmin@saoa.co.za
Membership benefits: Noko on marketing@saoa.co.za
Membership details : Naledi on admin@saoa.co.za
Outstanding or pending matters : Michelle on operations@saoa.co.za

Stay Safe