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To ensure that SAOA members will continue to be assisted and supported without compromise by SAOA office bearers and staff , the office may be contacted as follows:

Urgent matters - contact Lucky Nkosi on 074 243 4261 membership@saoa.co.za or Harry Rosen on 084 482 4517 at any time.
Driver Certificates : Naledi on orders@saoa.co.za
Finance: Maserame on accounts1@saoa.co.za or Mildred on finance@saoa.co.za
Medial Scheme queries: Ntombi on ppadmin@saoa.co.za
CPD queries : Ntombi on ppadmin@saoa.co.za
Membership benefits: Noko on marketing@saoa.co.za
Membership details : Naledi on admin@saoa.co.za
Outstanding or pending matters : Michelle on operations@saoa.co.za

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