About SAOA


Dollars Boloka


Exco Member

(011) 805 4517
dollars@bolokaoptometrists.co.za and president@saoa.co.za
Newly elected SAOA President, Dollars Boloka who is to co- chair the Public Health.

Marna Pieterse

Marne Pieterse

Vice President

Co-Chair  Private Practice

Leane Cilliers

Leanè Cilliers

Director - Membership/Marketing
email:   info@saoa.co.za

Nivien Subramany

Financial Director

Exco Member

email  : finance@saoa.co.za

           : niviensubramany@gmail.com

Emma Fanezile Mahlangu

Emma Fanezile Mahlangu

Director and Chairperson - Public Health


Audience Maluleke

Audience Maluleke

Director – Private Practice

Email      : audiencemaluleke@yahoo.com

Cassandra Seethal

Cassandra Seethal

Director – Education and Clinical Standards

Email      :  casian@telkonsa.net